How do you wash a 100% silk comforter?

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People often ask, can silk comforter be washed?

The normal answer is: no.

why? Because after washing, the silk fibers will gather together and become loose, so the silk comforter loses its warmth-keeping effect. Some customers’ feedback has turned into a mess.

So is there a remedy? Silk comforter are so expensive, it would be a pity to lose them.

You can take the silk out of the comforter cover and then pull each part of the silk loose by hand. Of course, this is a very time-consuming and energy-consuming task. Another way is to send the quilt to us and we will ask the master to tear it apart and draw it again for you.

One thing to note here is that it is difficult to tear apart a silk comforter that has been used for many years. Because the sericin is already bonded together. At this time, the only way is to renovate it and add some new silk, so that the silk quilt will regain the feeling of a new quilt.

There is another compromise, which a customer told me. She put the silk comforter in the washing machine (children’s quilts, which are too big, probably won’t work), and tumbled them dry directly after washing. This way, the looseness of the silk will be restored to some extent compared to natural weaving.

So, if the silk comforter is dirty, how to deal with it?

Generally, if it is a small area, you can use a wet towel or wash the dirty part in water. Then, blow dry with a hair dryer.

If the area is relatively large, it is recommended to go to a professional cleaning shop or send it back to the manufacturer to replace the quilt cover.

These are all based on silk comforter made of long silk. If it is short silk, it will not be a big problem to wash because of the seam pattern. Because silk has no looseness.

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