How do you get yellow out of a duvet cover?

After using the duvet cover for a long time, it absorbs a lot of sweat stains. When I was about to wash it, I discovered a problem: there were yellow marks on the duvet cover, which couldn’t be cleaned with conventional methods. So how to clean it?

 Clean duvet cover

How to Clean duvet cover

The reason for the yellow marks on duvet cover and pillows is the chemical reaction between water, lactic acid, fatty acids, proteins, salivary amylase and white fabrics that are metabolized every night when we sleep. In human terms: sweat, saliva and fabrics are mixed together.

Cotton cartoon quilt cover

You can’t just replace a duvet cover that’s been used for half a year, right? If you are a casual person, you don’t have to worry about it, but if you are a perfectionist, you have to clean it.

Cleaning method 1: Rice water + orange peel

Keep the rice water or put the orange peels into a pot and add water to boil, then soak the yellowed duvet cover cover and pillowcases in it and rub it to make it white easily.

Washing clothes with rice water

Cleaning method 2: Soap exposure method

First wash the duvet cover, then soap it again, put it in a clean transparent plastic bag and seal it, dry it in the sun for 2 hours, then wash it and rinse it.

Cleaning method 3: Beer + Blue Ink

Use half a basin of water; pour water and beer at a ratio of 2:1; drop in 1/3 of the blue ink until it turns slightly blue; put the washed yellowed bedding into the basin and soak it for half an hour; rinse with water Just clean it.

Wash clothes with blue ink

Cleaning method 4: Lemon juice or white vinegar

Citric acid and alkaline properties mean that it can remove yellowing and neutralize acid and alkali; it can remove some residues and yellow marks left on quilts and pillows.

Clean clothes with citric acid

Cleaning method 5: Use spinach water to wash clothes

Put the spinach into boiling hot water, take out the spinach, rub the clothes with the spinach water, then soak for 10 minutes, and then wash the clothes with clean water.

Wash clothes with spinach water

Cleaning method 6 :Bleach with 84 disinfectant

The simple method is to soak it with 84 disinfectant, but this method will cause some damage to the fabric. It is not recommended to use this method. If you don’t believe it, you can try it; the important thing is to pay attention to daily maintenance.

Bleach with 84 disinfectant

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